Monday, April 07, 2008

For the Love of God

After we leave this earth, I hope we all can be remembered for when we were at our best, and not our worst.

So let's remember the late Chuck Heston for his passionate support of Civil Rights in 1960s, his Oscar-winning performance in Ben Hur and his pecs from Planet of the Apes.

Let's try to forget that unfortunate (and immensely unfair) scene from Bowling for Columbine. It's the scene where Michael Moore shows up at Heston's house, gets an interview with an old man in the early throes of Alzheimer's disease and then Heston, curiously playing with his fingers while his not-so-sharp mind wanders and rambles, blurts out some politically incorrect comments about race.

I didn't like what he said. But let's remember, for the love of God, the other stuff, OK?


Anonymous said...

Here's to Chuck....

Bobby M.

Joey P said...

I love that clip!

Michael said...

You're a bigger man than I--I passed on doing an "In Memoriam" post on him--the gun stuff colors my opinion too much. But good for you for not pigeon-holing him.