Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TV Guide: Uncomfortable That Men Have Penises

HBO recently had the temerity to show, for a brief glimpse, a penis on the HBO miniseries John Adams.

Here's the context: A man is being tarred and feathered by a mob of patriots in Boston for his pro-British views following the Boston Massacre. Although we've all read about tarring and feathering in high school American history classes, it might not really sink in just what a vitriolic and humiliating act it is, unless you can actually witness the raw act itself.

The scene included a very brief display of nudity. It was this shot that caused TV Guide to issue the miniseries a recent Jeer, which I wrote about yesterday morning.

For some reason the writer at TV Guide must be uncomfortable with male nudity and the penis, even though all men have one.

The brief nudity conveyed the baseness and vulgarity of the act while also giving viewers a glimpse into mob behavior. The scene as filmed was more than appropropriate to illustrate the act.

So HBO showed a penis. Who cares? Why does this make TV Guide so uncomfortable?

I suggest the writer at TV Guide who wrote the Jeer should immediately purchase the below T-shirt.

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