Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mannix: The 70s Private Detective
With a Cool First Name

Mannix detailed the exploits of Joe Mannix, a private investigator, and ran from 1967-1975. The first season (which never had been released in syndication) is now out on DVD.

Some Mannix facts from Wikipedia:

  • Mannix was shot at or wounded more than a dozen times during the series, usually by an old war buddy from the Korean War.

  • His faithful assistant Peggy was played by Gail Fisher. She was one of the first African-American females with a regular role on a TV drama.

  • The show was the baby of Bruce Geller, the man also behind Mission Impossible.

  • Mannix liked to drive convertibles. He also liked to crash convertibles.

  • Midway through the opening credits viewers see "a screen layout bearing an exact resemblance to the flag of Armenia." Why? It's a mystery, a mystery that perhaps only the great Joe Mannix could solve.

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Anonymous said...

Saturday nights...or was it Fridays...anyway, my parents were gone and I'd have an ice cream soda made with cream soda with my sisters and we'd watch Mannix....what memories! Peggy had a son...does anyone remember his name?