Friday, July 25, 2008

My Middle Finger Had to Issue a Retraction

Busy road on a rainy day. 5:15 in the p.m. Rush hour. Traffic.

The idiot in the fancy red car flying the American flag almost runs me off the road. Stressful day at work and now this? Fuck. I coulda been kilt!

He pulls away. I notice the driver is talking on a cell phone. Of course. Whenever anybody is driving like an idiot it usually turns out he (or she) is on his cell phone.

What am I to do? How can I let off some steam? Road rage, clearly, is the answer. So I flip him off. Subtly.

I approach closer. My one-finger wave, mostly hidden, is more for me than for him, but then I notice it. On his back window. The sticker -- an Obama 08 sticker.

My middle finger quickly issues a retraction.

He's probably having a bad day, too, I think, and I bet that's an important call.

Keep hope alive.

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