Monday, September 22, 2008

A Peek into the Crystal Ball:
Five Potential Sarah Palin Moments

I'm not saying any single one of these things will happen ... these are merely five potential and unconnected future events, big and small alike, that I could imagine happening. You can let me know in the comments which scenario is most likely.

1. December 2010: Palin wins Dancing with the Stars

2. March 2017: VH-1 "I Love 2008" special premieres. Palin gets 30-second segment featuring jokes from several comedians I've never heard of, sandwiched between longer segments on Mad Men and Gossip Girl.

3. September 2013: A triumphant Vice President Sarah Palin cuts ribbon to officially open the Bridge to Nowhere and uses the occasion as a call to arms against the excesses of Big Government.

4. July 2009: Palin lands job as host of Trading Spaces, wins Mrs. America contest and unveils her new line of designer lipstick.

5. January 2021: Not having appeared to have aged a single day in the 11 years, 11 months and 4 days she has served as president, President Sarah Palin completes her second full term after having had succeeded the late President John McCain, whose tragic death involving a team of Alaskan sled dogs is still a frequent source of investigative reports and internet blog rumors, despite all assurances to the contrary based on the comprehensive 850-page Palin Report led by Secretary of State Todd Palin.

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BobbyM said...

All intriguing scenarios....
I sincere hope it is number 2 - Palin being discussed on VH1's "I love 2008."

BTW...Outstanding job by the staff at TCOJ recently. I don't know if it was salary bonuses, that watercooler pep talk, or a swift kick in their collective behinds, but the staff has been pulling out all the stops with creative, fun, entertaining and insightful blogging. Tell the boys to keep up the great work.

Bobby M.