Sunday, September 21, 2008

Socialized Capitalism

Watch this vintage Ronald Reagan diatribe against "big government" and Socialized Medicine.

And then think about the $700+ billion bail-out of greedy corporate fat-cats in the financial sector who will be gorging at the public trough because of their alarmingly poor judgment. Socialized Capitalism. Oy.

And it's probably the right thing to do. Oy.


A philosophy that welcomes government largess only for the rich and the powerful and corporations is ... shameful. And it runs counter to everything that conservatism should be.

We could have had national health care for all Americans, like Harry Truman wanted more than half a century ago, for much, much cheaper. Republicans have always opposed it. "There you go again," Reagan told Jimmy Carter in 1980. Oy.

A government that is paying billions a month for an unjust war sold under false pretenses also should run counter to true conservatism as well. The amount of money we've spent in Iraq would have paid for a very sensible and comprehensive national health care plan for all Americans.

Socialized Capitalism and billions of taxpayer money wasted on boondoggle projects appear to be the legacy of eight years of "conservative" rule? If Democrat Warren Buffet saw this coming, how come the Republican administration didn't?



Anonymous said...

In the end, as you pointed out, this probably was the right thing to do. I think that we had arrived at the point where there were very few reasonable options with a few of these companies. And the impact could really have been accumulative, if not stopped.

However, it really does accentuate to me that trickle down economics only appears to trickle down when there is a deficit...not when there are profits to be shared.

Looking back at the New Deal policies...the plan was not to just give corporations the incentives, but provide the average American the opportunity to work and contribute. Many projects that fell under the WPA were not directly necessary except for the simple fact that they provided workers with an income to build the economy from the bottom up...a much more sound base to build upon than a top-heavy system where coporations, set their sights firmly set on profits, are the basis. So far, we have not seen the investment in workers...only business. So, the
"Socialism" somehow seems forced in that regard.

Gussy it up all you want...they are just government bailouts. Necesary? Perhaps....but still just bailouts. And bailouts only help for the short term. No lasting impact, until the system is fixed.

Bobby M.

SubtleKnife said...

If it were socialised capitalism, the money would be going to the people, not to big businesses such as banks, insurance companies and of course the weapons manufacturers...