Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Am Not Joe the Plumber

Twenty years ago this week: It was a crisp fall day and, as an idealistic (or possibly just drunk) college student, I walked house-to-house canvassing for Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen along with some of my college Democrat friends.

A recent John McCain TV spot took me back to these times because the ad made me think of a Dukakis commercial from way back when. The Dukakis commercial, embedded below, is esoteric. It pictures politicians in a smoke-filled room talking about Dan Quayle. Just terrible. This didn't resonate with anyone.

I thought of this terrible Dukakis ad this week when McCain came out with the below ad. This, too, is esoteric, and won't change anyone's mind, and might also just confuse people. It's lame. It's all about Joe the Plumber, the Hero McCain is still harping on even though "Sam the Plumber" hasn't exactly passed the scratch-and-sniff bullshit detector tests with flying colors.

I'd also like to say, just for the record, that unlike the people in this video, I am NOT Joe the plumber. I owe no back taxes, I'm not a Republican plant, my taxes would go down under Barack Obama, I would not enjoy being a media whore, and my real first name is Joe.

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