Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Big Winner on Tuesday Will Be ...

Sarah Palin.

No. I don't think she'll win the election; in fact, I think she is costing John McCain votes. A lot of them.

Nor do I think she is necessarily eyeing a run for president in 2012. This probably isn't her first option, nor her best.

I think she's looking to cash in.

I expect that sometime in the next four years she will pursue or be presented with a syndicated talk show opportunity, on radio or TV. Think of her as a female Rush Limbaugh, an Oprah for conservatives. (Limbaugh made a reported $33 million last year.) Sure, a lot of people hate her, including a segment of moderate Republicans. But a niche of people absolutely love her.

She'll make millions.

She could even replace Elisabeth Hasslebeck on The View, or join Elisabeth on some new syndicated show for conservative soccer moms and Jane the Plumber.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama will become the next president of the United States, inheriting all the messes from Bush the Lesser. What he faces won't be easy.

But Sarah Palin? Sometime in the next four years, if she chooses this path, she'll be a filthy rich celebrity.

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BobbyM said...

If that's the case, TCOJ,...then...
Bravo...good for her. I think that a lot of the vitriol spit at her is somewhat unfair.

Yes, she could have said, "No."
But McCain, did ask her. And she is somewhat self-serving and a bit naive...but who of us can say that we aren't the same in select circumstance.

She was asked to do something that she couldn't and said, " betcha." She was in a little over her head and she plugged away.

I've been in the same circumstance, albiet with a little less significant impact, and I've said "Sure." And then, I've done the best that I could...and she probably did, too.

And if this scenario does occur, it's unfair to say that she cost McCain the election. McCain would've cost McCain the election by choosing her...and a series of other judgements....and maybe he just simply got beat on the ground game by a well run Obama campaign.

This isn't a "poor Sarah" posting. I have issues with her...but I certainly wish her no ill will. I sometimes see a little of myself in Sarah Palin....I just don't happen to myself as Vice-President of the United States of America.