Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hetero Divorce: Still Legal

The people of California denied Ellen her marriage rights on Tuesday.
Apparently a loving lesbian couple presents a threat to traditional marriage, according to the will of a majority of voters.


Where's the proposition banning heterosexual divorce?

UPDATE: Good news for Ellen and 17,999 others.


BobbyM said...

Yeah, I guess there's some assholes out there...but on the whole, I really think that it's ignorance.

Ignorance usually results in fear. I sincerely think that there is more far fear (read: ignorance) in that decsion than hate (read: asshole-ness).

I don't get what threat there is in two loving people going through a symbolic and more importantly legal ceremony that makes people think that the end of civilization is at hand...but once that fear of the unfamiliar is addressed and the majority of these people see that world is, indeed, richer and more diverse, interesting and worthwhile place.

I don't have contempt for the majority of those that voted to ban a portion of legal marriages... only sympathetic disappointment. To them, I'd say, "Don't be hatin'." I do, however, have contempt for the loud mouth fearmongers that organized the hate. It's one thing to fear....quite another to hate. Why, it's unChristian.

Joey P said...

Bobby, great comment.

But of course I don't think they're assholes. It's just fun calling them assholes.