Monday, June 04, 2007

Gay Prostitute Loved Bush

Did you know that Mike Jones, the gay escort who outed preacher Ted Haggard last fall, actually voted for George Bush in the last election?

You did if you read Deborah Solomon's interview with Jones yesterday in the New York Times Sunday magazine.

It still makes my head spin when I think that more of my gay friends (although a decided minority) vote Republican more often than my straight friends do.

How in the world could the gay-baiting Karl Rove Republicans convince so many Friends of Dorothy that it'd actually be a good idea to re-elect a man who was more than happy to make gay-marriage-bashing a central part of his re-election strategy?

I'm shuddering.


Michael said...

WHAT??? I can't believe he voted for Bush! I admired him for speaking up about Haggard and frankly, thought he was pretty hot, but after this information, he just seems dumb and doughy to me. Ah well, another illusion shattered.

jr said...

Perhaps some of your friends vote for the best candidates, be they Republican, Democrat, or Independent rather than just because the candidate is a Democrat. I don't see many of the Democrats out there fighting for gay marriage or any of the things that are important to me as a person--not just a gay one. Vote Independent. More of them care about gays and our security than anyone. I think. Maybe.

fastlad said...

Well, both men were - and still are - rather stupid. Haggard for thinking that anyone is fooled by his self-serving religious fakery - and Jones for spending so much time in the company of self-destructive individuals.