Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Don't Give A Crap What Iowa Thinks

Iowa went Democratic in 2000, with Al Gore winning the state. Then, after four years of George Bush, the good people of Iowa decided that Bush the Lesser wasn't a complete disaster/dimwit and concluded that he deserved re-election for failing to capture Osama Bin Laden, for dividing the nation over wedge issues such as gay marriage, and for being asleep at the wheel on 9/11 after ignoring intelligence warnings. The state's 7 electoral votes went to Bush because, in the minds of Iowa voters, his record made him deserving of re-election and they were afraid that John Kerry would institute taxpayer-funded gay marriage on demand.

Now, with Iowa again taking centerstage in the presidential election process because, well, because it's Iowa, and that's the way we do it here in 'Merica, let me just say that I really don't care what the people of Iowa think. Now, I've never met a person from Iowa I didn't like, but because they helped to re-elect the worst president in U.S. history in 2004, I just don't trust the state anymore. Iowa's political instincts are dead to me.

The 2008 presidential candidates continue to be engaged in a feverish multi-year process of trying to kiss as much collective ass in Iowa as possible -- including this morning when eight Democrats "debated" from the state on This Week With George Stephanopoulos. My basic reaction to most of the candidates during this morning's debate (and I've never voted for a Republican presidential candidate) was to roll my eyes, particularly when *that one guy* who is supposedly in the top three spoke, who strikes me as phonier than a FILL IN FOLKSY WITTICISM HERE.

The highlight of the debate was when a bug flew in Chris Dodd's hair. Dodd, by the way, was not one of the candidate's who made my eyes roll. That would be the other candidate with the great hair.

As for Dodd, I'd have a pint with this guy any day. However, while at the pub we'd just have to drink from covered steins since insects seem very attracted to his "candidacy."

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