Friday, August 24, 2007

Wink Martindale-Worthy

Drew Carey deserves cash and terrific prizes for his performance as host of a new gameshow on CBS. He's likeable, funny, entertaining, interacts well with contestants, and may just be the perfect type of "new" gameshow host. It's all clear as day for viewers of his new limited-run show Power of 10, which started airing twice a week this week on CBS. And he'll get a chance to prove it some more when he starts running the Blinko game on The Price is Right later this year.


PLAY ALONG AT HOME: Below are some recent questions from the show. Contestants must answer within a correct range, starting with a 40 percent window and then declining as the value of the question increases. Five correct questions will win the contestant $10,000,000.
  • What percentage of Americans think that Mormons should be allowed to practice polygamy under the First amendment of the Constitution?
  • What percentage of Americans think that Americans should be able to purchase automatic weapons?
  • What percentage of Americans said that a woman should take her husband's last name when she gets married?
  • What percentage of Americans agreed George Bush should have released Scooter Libby from prison?
  • What percentage of Americans think that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol?
Or you can go online and play HERE.

At some point I'll post the correct answers in the comments. I will say now, however, that 57 percent of Americans believe that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol.

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