Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kittens + Politics = The Cup of Joe

Starting today on The Cup of Joe with the below entry, all political-related posts will be paired with an adorable kitten picture. I'm daring MSNBC, the self-appointed all-news King of Politics, to start doing the same.


Try and Try Again

Despite evidence to the contrary, George Bush wants to stay the course in Iraq, clinging in his speeches to verbs like "resolve" as a way to justify the entire mess that he and the neocons created. He just can't let go of the "Democracy at all costs" paradigm. Some might call it stubborn.

Despite being term-limited out of the presidency after eight years, Vladimir Putin is now the puppet-master prime minister of Russa. He just couldn't give up power, so he hand-selected his successor as president and is now probably calling the shots behind the scenes. He just can't let go. Some might call it stubborn.

Hillary Clinton vows to stay in the Democratic race for president, wants to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations despite the clearly agreed-upon rules, continues to make borderline racist statements regarding the ability of Barack Obama to draw white votes and continues to lobby superdelegates for support. She just can't let go. Some might call it stubborn.


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Anonymous said...

I must admit that as an Obama supporter, I have some serious mixed feelings about Hillary...part of me has been saying that she should just get out of the way and let Obama have the nomination that's headed his way. it's better for the Party and the nomination.

But the other part says that I wouldn't have much faith in voting for a candidate that didn't scrap and fight to win. She has 'earned' her votes and even if it's been a bit 'under-handed' and a bit derogatory...hey, that's politics and you have to be tough to survive. So, Obama probably doesn't have the mettle or fortitude to win, if he can't take a beating from Hillary and respond appropriately. This basically comes from the Democratic Party not effectively jumping down from the fence to back a candidate.

So realistically,she might not have a chance, but pundits have been wrong before (read Dewey beats Truman), and why not fight for it if you still have a numerical chance...

To sum up.. as George Gershwin so aptly stated, "They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round.
They all laughed when Edison recorded sound.
They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother when they said that man could fly.
They told Marconi wireless was a phony, it's the same old cry..."

I'm not so ready to laugh at Hillary yet. It may be all but over, but it's still not over.

Bobby M.