Thursday, May 08, 2008

Things I've Been Meaning to Blog About

Jason Castro from American Idol: I think he intentionally forgot the lyrics to Mr. Tambourine Man. Besides, isn't it just a given that anybody who actually chooses to sing Mr. Tambourine Man must want to be voted off? And so he was.

Rev. Wright: I'm not voting for Rev. Wright in the fall; I'm voting for Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton: Even though I support Obama, she WOULD make a good president, I truly believe. I don't care that she didn't know how to pour a cup of coffee at a convenience store cappuchino machine, as shown countless times on the all-news cable networks and on YouTube. This is irrelevant and unworthy of discussion. Focus, people.

Keith Olbermann: He's smart and well-read and loves history and language. We get it. But when he uses words like "presently" -- which as Olbermann knows means "soon" and is not a synonym for "currently," as employed by 90 percent of "dumb" people -- he seems to be subtly saying: "Look at how smart I am." Yes, I appreciate that he knows how to correctly use the word when most people don't use it correctly. But every time I hear him say it, which is usually once a night, he just comes off as ... smug.

Chris Matthews: Annoying. Why? Because he drones too much about things that aren't really that important in the big picture, like Rev. Wright and Hillary's inability to make coffee.

I also have something I've been meaning to write about in regard to another important matter, and it just may involve kittens. I hope to get to it presently.


jercwe said...

Jason Castro: Good riddance.
Reverend Wright: The man who cost the Democrats the election.
Hillary Clinton: If only she was going to be the nominee Reverent Wright wouldn't lose the Democrats the election.
Keith Olberman: Blow hard.
Chris Matthews: Looking old and blow hard.
Kittens: We want more.

Anonymous said...

i am presently laughing.

Anonymous said...

Huh, waddaya know...I always thought that 'presently' was an adjective meaning someone with a lot of in the sentence, "Isn't that Ol' St. Nick a presently gentleman?"

Ya learned me something there, TCOJ.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

Jason Castro: He's been trying to get kicked off the show for weeks. Why else would he have chosen "Memory" from Cats? Sheesh!
Rev. Wright: Yes, he's a crackpot, so are most of the Republican connected ministers. Can we move on, please?
Hillary: Yeah, she would do the job but her main interests would always be her own, not that of the people.
Keith Olberman: I find his language and passion really sexy. Imagine him talking dirty to you with that kind of gusto? Woof, Daddy.
Chris Matthews: Blowhard
Kitten: Awww...