Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amazing TV, Not-So-Amazing TV

The Amazing Race finale on Sunday was ... amazing. A fitting cap to a strong season. And dare I say a wee bit touching, too?

A minor quibble: I wish the "old guy" and his grandson (Nicolas and Donald) would have won, but I don't think anybody can complain about the outcome. Though I should point out that a man in his late 60s really isn't that old. We've had plenty of U.S. Presidents and presidential candidates running the free world at this age, so maybe they shouldn't make as big of a deal about a 68-year-old running around the world. Though he was the oldest contestant ever to finish the race.

Survivor needs to sign this guy up for a season.

Considering how bad reality TV has become at times, especially the season premiere of American Idol earlier in the week, this is really an achievement that a show like The Amazing Race can still be fresh and fun and interesting. And touching.

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