Monday, November 05, 2007

An American Master

I can't put it any better. From today's Boston Globe:
By the end of "Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character," you'll want to give the actress a big fat hug. Not a pity hug, just a well-earned warm embrace. The newest installment of PBS's "American Masters" portrays both a hugely likable and versatile performer and a heroic lady whose personal life has thrown her some nasty punches. The Burnett you'll meet in this 90-minute documentary is an American master, for sure - of comedy, and also of survival.
Tonight on PBS.

Here's some more observations from the New York Times:
Pardon the imitation of the thoroughly unlikable Andy Rooney, but why aren’t our joke tellers likable anymore? Margaret Cho or Sarah Silverman might make you laugh, but would you want either of them at Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma and the kids?

Of course not. Ellen DeGeneres? Maybe. But the comedian you’d really want at the table, still, after all these years, is Carol Burnett, subject of tonight’s “American Masters” installment on PBS, subtitled “A Woman of Character.”

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jercwe said...

Only if she brings Lucy.