Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Wally and I recently attended a Kathy Griffin comedy show. She talked for close to two hours straight through, and Wally pointed out that she didn't say uh once.

Uh, that's absolutely brilliant. I can't go half a sentence, uh, without saying uh. Do you, uh, know what I mean?


Her latest stand-up special, using new material from her most recent tour, will air later this month on Bravo. "Kathy Griffin: Straight to Hell," a one-hour stand-up special, is set to air on Nov. 29. It was taped at a sold-out performance at The Chicago Theatre.

The show can be described in one word: hilariotous.

That is a word, isn't it?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the 12 apostles: I sure hope so.

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Anonymous said...

you are funny. :)