Friday, November 02, 2007

My Five Favorite Words to Add to The Dictionary

Each year, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds in new words that have entered the cultural landscape.

Earlier this year the dictionary announced the latest additions, which included “ginormous,” “smackdown,” “snowboardcross” and “speed-dating.”

Last year's new words included "google," "spyware," "unibrow," "drama queen," "soul patch," "ringtone," "biodiesel" and "gastric bypass."

I applaud all these choices, especially unibrow.

What are my five favorite words to add to the lexicon? Here goes:

1. Fuckwad. Usage in a sentence: "Man that guy in the unibrow is a complete fuckwad!"

2. Fuckface. Pointing: "Fuckwad over there is a complete drama queen!"

3. Shit-for-brains. "If you were to look up shit-for-brains in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of that fuckwad with a unibrow."

4. Honey-bunches-of-oats. No explanation or sentence example necessary.

5. Vajayjay: "I love it when Oprah talks about, or points to, her vajayjay."

Hey, if vajayjay is worth a lengthy article in the Sunday New York Times, and I believe it is, then it is worth an entry in the dictionary.


Bobby M. said...

You've left out two:

The first is "badunkadunk." Used in a sentence...Hillary Clinton is the ony cadidate that brings a strong sense for foreign policy, experience and a juicy badunkadunk.

The second is "Sniggity-diggity" as in "Sniggity-diggity, y'all!"

Anonymous said...

thanks. this made me laugh today.

Bobby M. said...

I must say that there seems to be some misunderstanding as to the meaning of "badunkadunk." It is not, despite my descriptive adjective a part of the anatomy specific to women, even though the term is more frequently used to describe women.

However, if only Al Sharpton were in the presidential mix, I would have said the above sentence about him and not Hillary Clinton.