Friday, March 21, 2008

19th Century Idea: Colonize U.S. Blacks Out of America. 21st Century Idea: Colonize U.S. Gays Out of America

Colonization was a movement that gained popularity in the 1830s to send black Americans to Africa. Abraham Lincoln was a supporter of this early in his career. In fact, he had considered a limited proposal in this regard as late as one day before he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. SOURCE Fascinating, huh?

If blogs existed back then, Dailykos and Americablog would have had a field day with that one. And don't get me started on the sad truth about how right-wing bloggers would have reacted to both the Emanicipation Proclamation and the attempts to colonize African-Americans back to Africa.

I bring all this up because of something I read on Towleroad this morning. A right winger is advocating his preference that gays be colonized outside the United States. Serious.

"I would much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than to import them into the United States because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society," said Peter Sprigg of the "Family Research Council."


I also think stupidity is destructive to society, but I won't go so far as to advocate that Peter Sprigg and his ilk leave the country. That wouldn't be right.

I hope Sprigg realizes that Jesus died for his sins, all his sins, including his apparent sins of contempt, deceipt and stupidity.

Please turn the other cheek when you hear remarks like these. Happy Good Friday.

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jercwe said...

When we are colonized, do we have a choice of locations? Make it a place with a beach and I'm there!