Friday, March 14, 2008

Take a Hill Pill

If you follow this link, and this link, you will find a total of eight videos that will help you decide whom to vote for for President.

And here's a bonus video for good measure.

Worth watching, all.


Anonymous said...

And just how is all that going help me decide?

Joey P said...

It will show you the utter intellectual dishonesty behind a fine woman's campaign, the type of dishonesty that has proven that this fine woman is not fit for the office for which she seeks. Yes, I like Hillary. But the way she has run her campaign has proven that she should not, should NOT, be president.

Michael said...

Hey--thanks for linking me! I'm with you on this, as you know. I was truly undecided until the South Carolina primary when Hillary left Bill to trash talk Obama after she left the state. It seemed to me that we would be in for a lot of these "good cop/bad cop" tactics with Hillary in office--and I do NOT want that.