Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ringy Dingy

Gary Hart and Larry David have a message for Hillary Clinton's Red Phone (and Red-State-Appealing) strategy.

I think I've already covered the winning-at-all-costs strategy here.

Here's hoping that America doesn't hang up on Obama based on the politics of fear and irrational, Rovian scare tactics.


Michael said...

Yeah, Hillary is pulling out all the stops to win at any cost which is so...well..."Clintonian". It proves that the Clintons (although I thought he was a great president) are in it for themselves and will throw any principles they have under the bus to achieve their goal.

Anonymous said...

Her behavior is a shame....however, I'll wonder out loud if Obama's group wouldn't be acting in a similar fashion if he were behind.

The personality of anyone that actually wants to be President has to be bizarrely competitive and immensely egocentric.

Here's hoping the Dems don't tear apart the party in the meantime.

-Bobby M.