Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God Awful

Two contestants on Big Brother chat about the game savvy of one of the other contestants, the pink-haired James with the mohawk:

Adam: Why is he so good?

Natalie: I don't know. God's got to give me the power to get rid of him. Have to. [Sips some wine.]

This is just me, but I don't think God watches Big Brother 9.


From Natalie's CBS bio:

Natalie is religious and takes her Bible everywhere. She's still very proud of her figure and loves to enter bikini contests.

I wonder if Jesus has ever helped her win a bikini contest?


Also from Natlie's bio:
She describes her perfect romantic partner as someone who is smart, healthy with big strong muscles and he should love football. He should also be adventurous and honest and love God and Jesus.
Here's wishing Natalie much luck in finding someone with pecs who loves Jesus as much as Natalie loves big strong Jesus-loving muscles.

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