Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tommy Flanagan Alert

Everybody exaggerates sometimes. It's human nature. Everybody has a wee bit of Tommy Flanagan in him or her from time to time, whether it's a padded resume or the "not quite the truth" age people use on certain Internet "dating" sites.

So while I don't see the occasional exaggeration as a major deal, in politics or otherwise, it becomes a little more of a big deal IF the mistruth is, say, something on which you have based your entire presidential campaign: That you and only you have the experience to be president, and you say your opponent lacks this relevant experience.

With this in mind, experience this:

SIDENOTE: Sunday night before I went to bed, I scanned the news channels, and three of the stations were still talking about Rev. Wright, including playing sound bytes from his speech out of context. Didn't Obama already put this issue to rest? Apparently not, and this is worrisome. Here is the full speech in context. Decide for yourself, and keep hope alive.

Methinks the media have a wee bit o' Tommy Flanagan in them when in comes to their Rev. Wright coverage, and for me this is the far greater sin than exaggerating about being under bullet fire.


CLK said...

Amen. I think it's shameful that Obama is getting raked over the coals for something someone else said while Clinton is not really being taken to task for "padding her resume." Ideally, I'd like to see both issues dropped. I'd like to see Clinton drop out of the race because it's the best thing to do for beating John McCain in November. Obviously, she doesn't agree! ;-D

Anonymous said...

I, too, say, "Amen," Rev. Wright and TCOJ. But let's just say that the good Reverend really did say something incendiary and controversial. Let's just pretend for a brief moment that he did...

Would I rather my next president be loosely associated with some one, in one facet of his life, that said something controversial in a "free country," or would I prefer that my next president flat out lied to the electorate to gain a political advantage.

That's the question that I'm pondering right now...

Bobby M.

jercwe said...

The Reverends words speak for themselves and are no better in context. Hillary is the better candidate, even if she doesn't exactly remember everything she experiences with clarity. All John McCain has to do in the campaign against Obama is play the excerpts of the Reverend's words in ads over and over and you've just elected a Republican president. Time for Obama to step aside and wait until President Hillary has had her terms in office. She's our best hope against McCain--and not because she's a better candidate than Obama because she isn't, but because with this Reverend mess sticking to him like glue, Hillary is the much more electable. Let him run in 8 years--he'll still be young and perhaps then he'll have responded better to the controversy because so far his response sucks.