Thursday, August 03, 2006

Skip This Workout

Would you like a boss that came up to you when you're working with a client or business associate and then proceeds to let you know, right in front of this client, and in a very condescending way, how you are doing your job totally wrong?

How about a boss that announces to the whole office that she's interviewing for a new employee, and that maybe your job is not safe, leaving you and your co-workers on edge for a week?

Who in the world would want to work for a person like this?

Answer: These employees are NOT the salesmen of
Glengarry Glenn Ross, but they are the personal trainers who are part of the new Bravo series Workout. The "star" of Workout (the owner of the gym) did all these things in the first episode.

Just terrible. And no way to run a business.

Those of us who love reality TV are smart enough to realize that much of it is just phoney-baloney manufactured by a producer or writer behind the scenes.

I think this show is possibly the phoniest of the whole reality TV lot.

On the plus side: The owner, pictured above at right, is approaching 40 years of age. So congrats to her for being a hottie.

Now get some manners, Jackie.

And stop listening to those whispers from a producer who is trying to manufacture conflict. She or he is only making you look bad.


General Tso said...

Knowing you as a fan of both reality shows and cats, what did you think of the recent departure of the St. Louis representative in the reality series featuring the house of cats? Have you thought of entering your own "lump'O'butter" in next year's show? Cocobutter would be a hit!

... Joey P. said...

C-Butter says reality TV is trash; she says her future is in her own specially produced You Tube videos, or blogging.

Jim said...

Dude this is real Southern California life. Those 90210ers liv and act like this.