Thursday, August 03, 2006

But It Makes a Great Wrapping Paper

Which big-city daily newspapers do the best job covering their regions, and which do the worst?

The results of the Civic Stategies Urban Journalism contest are in, and guess which paper is dead last?

Hint: It was one of only three daily papers that John F. Kennedy reportedly read when he was president.

Think JFK would still be reading if he were alive today?

I for one think that he absolutely would. I think he'd enjoy finding the typos, fact errors and gaping omissions.


Anonymous said...

Best entry yet. This is the greatest web site west of the Mississippi, East of the Rockies, North of Texas and South of Iowa. But what do we care about the region, as long as they're reporting on float trips.

Anonymous said...

Even Mayor Slay is weighing in on the Post-Disgrace. Check out