Friday, August 04, 2006

Trivia, With a Point

Question: What do George McGovern and Russell Johnson, The Professor from Gilligan's Island, have in common?

Answer: Both were war heroes who served during World War II on B-24 bomber planes, Johnson flying 44 missions through enemy territory and McGovern flying on 35. McGovern won the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Johnson was awarded the Purple Cross after his plane was shot down over the Phillipines.

Many people don't know this about McGovern. Or about Johnson.

For McGovern, the image that sticks with him, overshadowing his bravery, was his opposition to the Vietnam War, for which he was demonized in some camps as a chicken who would "cut and run."

John Murtha, Max Cleland and John Kerry know a little something about fighting in war, too. Although their service isn't forgotten, it has been distorted. As Republican attacks upon John Murtha -- a congressman, combat veteran and retired Marine -- start getting uglier, I hope that his service is neither forgotten nor distorted.

This is no way to treat a war hero.

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