Friday, August 11, 2006

Sorry Folks, Blog's Closed This Week

... for rest and repairs. The moose outside shoulda told ya.

See y'all in a week.

I'll be spending a little time in heaven (pictured below) with Wally and some other good friends I don't see often enough.

Happy B-day, in advance, to Peaches, Frenchy and K.B. in the Mother Country! K.B.: You look really, really, really, really good (considering your age). Frenchy, good luck with your new job; I'd kill to be doing what you are doing! And Peaches, let's get your machine back up and running back at full turbo power soon, OK?

If one of my housemates has a computer, I may do an entry or two next week sometime, if I'm not too busy doing absolutely nothing.

1 comment:

Scott said...

What, I can't get my daily cup of Joe now? WTH!?!

And I just started checking it regularly....