Monday, October 15, 2007

I Believe. I Believe That It Smells Bad

What's that awful and irritating smell, I think to myself while leafing through the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The answer comes around page 15. It is an advertising sheet for "Britney Spears Believe," the singer's new fragrance available at Macy's. "The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself," the ad sheet tells readers.

Yeah, and my greatest freedom is to put a clothes-pin on my nose while I finish reading the magazine.

"Lift here to experience Believe," a fold-over tab in the ad sheet explains, which is itself a semi-lie since the odor of the product already is more than clearly evident, and I half expect to see a puddle of bad perfume pooling somewhere near the magazine.

I close the magazine and let out a tri-sneeze.

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