Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where is The Cup of Joe?

I've been getting email notes lately from a variety of folks asking the question: "What happened to The Cup of Joe? Why aren't you posting much nowadays?" The latest one had the subject line: "What gives with TCOJ."

The readers go on to mention in these emails how much they've enjoyed my past coverage of movies, TV, politics and (most of all) kittens, all blended into one semi-coherent blog with just a "kiss o' gay" whenever the latest closet-case Republican pays for gay sex or starts flailing his hands in an airport restroom.

Let me just assure you that I'm still here, and I am well, and that Wally is still here, and he is well.

Nor is it the case that I no longer have anything I'm interested in writing about, or that I have writer's block. Not true.

For example, during the last few weeks I've had lots of posts I've wanted to write. About the 50th anniversary of Leave It to Beaver (it was last weekend, by the way). Or about the new Chef Gordon Ramsay show Kitchen Nightmares, which seems to be doing phony stunts/editing (as most reality shows do) in a way that seems as dishonest as what producers did during The $64,000 Question quiz show scandal during the 50s. Or about Larry Craig and Mike Jones, the man the Rev. Ted Haggard hired to have sex, who now claims (as of last week) that Craig was a client as well, and not just in an airport restroom.

There have been dozens of other things to write about, ranging from the new fall TV shows (I actually like the throwback "this is the way they used to make them" old-style comedy Back to You); the baseball playoffs (sorry Cubs!); the awful Emmy broadcast that had some delightful Lost wins; and, last but not least, the ridiculous batch of presidential candidates, most of whom seem phonier than some of the stuff you see on Kitchen Nightmares. (Frankly, I don't think there's a political equivalent of Gordon Ramsay who could come in and, say, rescue the Bill Richardson presidential campaign.

But as you can see, I've posted nothing. There are several reasons for this:

1) The weather is nice. When the weather is nice, I'd rather be outside than inside blogging.

2) I've been busy with a lot of other things, including doing my best to pamper to every whim and pleasure of Wally. Wally has to come before blogging; he just has to. And if you know me and Wally, you know how much I constantly have to pamper him, catering to every whim, most of which are fleeting. You know this, right, how high maintenance he is?

3) I've been cleaning my basement, perhaps even unearthing a few new finds for Things I Find In My Basement.

4) I've also had no time to blog because I've been busy fabricating complete LIES, including all of No. 2 above.

So: When the weather turns colder, I promise a triumphant return of The Cup of Joe, including monthly recaps, commentary about politics and kittens, and lots of stuff about the gays.

So I'll be back soon. That is, when I'm not catering to Wally's every whim.


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Probably the best post on this blog in at least two weeks.

Let's hear it for the return of TCOJ....Hip, Hip, Hooray!