Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Night Live is REALLY Good This Year

I was 8 years old when Saturday Night Live first aired, and I've watched (more or less regularly) since the beginning. Since 1975, there have been some great years, some so-so years and some Charles-Rocket terrible years.

Based on the first episodes of 2007-2008 season, this year could shape up to be one of the great ones.


Speaking of really:


yasmin said...

Charlie Rocket was in it for 1 season 80/81. (12 episodes). Sadly Charlie committed suicide a few hours before he was due to have gone to New York City to film the " snl in the 80's lost & found " documentary

We dont get SNL in the UK ( maybe a couple of eps a year). However i do have a couple of Robin Williams episodes, Waynes World eps & SNL goes commercial videos from several years ago & some of it is funny stuff.

in memory of Charlie Rocket

Michael said...

This is brilliant. But then the Weekend Update segments have outshone the rest of the show for a few yeers now.