Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Slow Pitch Ball

Here's a quick pictorial recap/review/overview of the general tone of the Matt Lauer interview with U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, which just aired tonight on NBC.

Where's Ted Koppell when you need him?


For the record, Lauer didn't ask a single one of my suggested questions, which I posted last weekend. So now, we may never know what the good Senator thinks of pleated pants, or what his favorite Cher CD is.

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BobbyM said...

I have no sympathy for public officials. They should be held accountable for every indosyncracy, every inconsistency, every vote and every move they make....after all we are their employers.

This is a fact that is lost on so many voters. We treat these public servants with so much "respect" and tip-toe around them when in fact we are their bosses.

In fact, maybe my rant applies to TCOJ's previous post even more than this one.