Tuesday, May 15, 2007

... And The Tony Award Goes To

One of the interesting things about The Sopranos, during its eight-year, six-season run on HBO, was that even though Tony Soprano was a thief and a murderer, and not above killing family and friends, he somehow remained likable.

The fact that he saw a psychiatrist and relied on Prozac and anti-depressants to get through life made him more human, more accessible, more like the rest of us.

Following last Sunday's episode, however, and with three more episodes to go, I don't think we've ever seen this character so completely amoral, so completely empty of human goodness, so self-absorbed and immature and so completely, completely unlikeable.

I only have one message for the character of Tony Soprano, and it involves me doing that "Italian thing" by flicking my hand to the chin.


Where should James Gandolfini pick up his Emmy?

I mean, really, why even both with the nominations? This is one of the best leading male performances I've ever seen on TV. I completely buy every single moment of his performance.

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