Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Cup of Joe: April in Review

* Opening day in baseball was April 1, which prompted a very special entry with baseball statistics specifically designed to terrify CNN's Lou Dobbs. LINK.

* Have you and your lover taken The Cup of Joe Relationship Compatibility Quiz? DISCLAIMER: The Cup of Joe and its assignees are not responsible for any break-ups that may result from taking this quiz. LINK.

* What does one of the most charming songs in the history of American musical theater have to do with kitty litter? Meet the World's Best Cat Litter, which makes cats feel pretty, oh so pretty. LINK and LINK.

* April saw several new regular features added to TCOJ, including Things I Find In My Basement and Things We All Can Agree On. One more thing I think we all can agree on: I find some strange things in my basement. LINK and LINK.

I'm also inviting reader submissions for my Switch Hitters regular feature ... which hasn't been so regular. Who wants to step up to the plate? LINK.

* The month saw two entries in the Five Favs series -- my "five favorite people on television" and my "five favorite episodes of WKRP in Cincinatti," which is now out on DVD, but (grumble) minus the original music. LINK.

* Sanjaya! (And American Idol.) LINK.

* The Sopranos! LINK.

* Mitt! LINK.

* Vacation! LINK.

* Easter provided an opportunity for readers to meet a few of the Holy Weak. LINK.

* Don Imus got fired, prompting a national conversation on race that began almost as quickly as it ended. LINK.

* The 10th anniversary of Ellen's Time magazine coming out story took place on April 14. If you haven't figured it out yet, The Cup of Joe *hearts* Ellen. LINK.

Also in April: Wally celebrated a birthday, and we celebrated an anniversary. How do I repay his love? I steal his identity and post a phony animation he had nothing to do with. My apologies to Wally -- not for putting words in his mouth, but because he's so much more gorgeous than his cartoon version. LINK.

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