Saturday, May 05, 2007

Things I Find In My Basement


Vintage record album, Zingers From the Hollywood Squares, 1974. Birthday gift, 1995.

Starring Peter Marshall and featuring Charo, Ed Asner, Sally "Fields" (they spelled her name wrong on the album cover), Redd Foxx, Buddy Hackett, Don Knotts, Michael Landon, Rich Little, Burt Reynolds, Don Rickles, McLean Stevenson, Rose Marie, Fredie Prinze, Leslie Uggams, Karen Valentine, Sandy Duncan, Dom Deluise ... AND MORE!

At the time this record was released, Hollywood Squares was "the only television program for which unprecedented viewer demand required not only five daytime telecasts perweek, but also two evening shows."


This is also "Something I'll Never Place on Ebay."


If I can figure out how to transfer this album to a digital format, I'll post "Joe's Favorite Zingers." I have my money on Charro.

Speakers of zingers, I wish the word zinger would come up more in daily conversation, sort of like my five favorite seldom used nouns of insult, my five favorite seldom used expressions, or my five favorite words seldom heard in every conversation.


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peaches said...

My dad can transfer LPs to Cd - and nothing would please him more than to help you with this important project.