Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baghdad = Bag Dad

If you saw Lost last night, in an episode titled "The Brig," here's some, er, interesting analysis From Entertainment Weekly:
For those of you who like to view Lost as an allegory for our post-9/11 devolution, ''The Brig'' was certainly suffused with homeland insecurity and geopolitical jitters. This reading is unavoidable and valid, though it's tough to know how far to push it. Certainly a title like ''The Brig,'' a word for a military prison, is fair game for deconstruction. But how about that ending, in which Locke put his dead father in a sack and trudged into the jungle to meet his destiny? If I were feeling impish, I might try to forge a link between ''father in a sack'' and ''Baghdad,'' and then wonder aloud how our Iraq-fixated current Commander-in-Chief might interpret Lost's themes of failed fathers and screwed-up sons, burdensome legacies and clean slates. See what I mean about taking it too far? (I'm sooo getting wiretapped for that one.)
If you were (or are) an English major in college, you also may enjoy the rest of Jeff Jensen's analysis of the show last night. The others ... might not.


Here's my first post on the Bush father-son relationship, in a post titled, It Was The Jiggles That Worried Me.

Those jiggles, by the way, still worry me.

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