Thursday, May 24, 2007

It Floated My Boat

It usually happens on Thursday morning, when a friend sends out a "day-after" review and analysis of Lost that always has proven to be an insightful read.

His email this morning was short. He summed up the episode in one word: "heartbreaking."

Last night's episode was TV at its best, and Lost at its best.

If Lost can finish strong in its remaining episodes, it has a shot to be ranked right up there with the all-time best dramas in television history.


In Doc Jensen's review of the season finale for Entertainment Weekly, he uses two words: "wow" and "sensational." You won't get an argument from me. Read it here.

RIDDLE ME THIS: Here's a question for Lost fans. In the flash-forward scene, a drunken/drugged out Jack tells the chief of surgery to go upstairs and see if his dad is even worse off than he is. Is Jack's dad still alive, or was "drunk guy" Jack just confused and being non-sensical?

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JR said...

Stupid. If I thought they had the show planned out I'd be more impressed. Well made. No doubt. Well crafted? I think not.