Monday, May 14, 2007

A Writer Who Makes Me Say 'Yikes!'

Fred Barnes, the guy who wrote the hagiographic biography of George Bush ("Rebel in Chief") that Carm Soprano is a big fan of, recently wrote an essay called "Can Bush Recover?" for the Wall Street Journal, where he offered some advice for Republican presidential candidates: "The best tactic is to build up the president, not tear him down."

Barnes' argument is based on what Republicans need to do to ensure they win the 2008 election, not necessarily about doing the right thing or following one's convictions.

Karl Rove must be proud. Carm, too.

In other words, don't mention that the emperor has no clothes if it'll hurt your chances to win an election.


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jercwe said...

Fred Barnes earns a mention for the second time in a week. You've hit a new low.