Friday, May 04, 2007

The Facts of Life

Let me just state this at the outset: I respect John McCain and the sacrifice he made for his country. I wrote about it here and here, in posts titled "A Republican Who Is Not A Chicken Hawk" and "McCain in Perspective."

In fact, I think the U.S. (and the world) would be in a much better place had he been the Republican presidential nominee in 2000.

But anywho: Last night, McCain's stilted chop-chop gestures seemed so forced and phony, straight from the playbook of some tired media consultant and certainly not straight from the Straight Talk Express. And his suit? Those fake shoulder pads (I'm assuming they had to be fake) were bigger than what Blair used to wear on The Facts of Life.


Michael said...

Even though I'm a staunch Democrat, back in 2000 I admired McCain for stating his own principals which sometimes differed the regular Republican Party Line. "Here is a man of principles" I thought. But unfotunately, the way to win a nomination in this country is not with principles, it's with kissing ass to who holds the money and the power. Now it just seems like McCain wants the nomination to bad he will say just about anything get it.
Bill Mahr said of McCain recently: "He's like a girl you once dated and then stop and think 'what did I ever see in her?'"

jercwe said...

Blair wears shoulder pads much better.