Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Coming Up Next: The Terrible Two's?

I'm pleased to announce that today is a birthday, a first birthday for The Cup of Joe.

This blog entered the world on May 15, 2006, with this post, a carefully thought out "mission statement" that took all of 20 seconds to write. Now, 623 posts later, the blog still lives.

What will the future hold? Will this blog survive to see a second birthday next year? Will regular readers and responders like Ralph Nader-voter JERCWE continue to hurt my feelings and drive me to drink? Will Ralph Nader run again in 2008 and ensure another Republican wins the White House?

Will even more of my eerily on-the-mark preditions for 2007 come true?

Will Lou Dobbs fall in love with an illegal alien and run away with her to Guadalajara along with her sons and cousins y tios? Will The Cup of Joe continue its exclusive Lou Dobbs "America At The Crossroads" Coverage well into 2007?

Could Mitt "Flip" Romney cause a major oil slick after swimming off the coast of Cape Cod?

I don't have answers to these questions. Yet.

But stay tuned!


Thanks to all who have linked to this blog in the last year; many of these cool blogs are listed at right in my relatively short blogroll.

I'm happy to link to other blogs, too, if you return the favor, as long as the blog is "safe for work" and not advocating anything offensive or hurtful. It doesn't matter where you land on the political spectrum, either: I like learning from all viewpoints, whether you're supporting Ralph Nader for president ... or Ralph Wiggums.


jercwe said...

I was planning to congratulate you.

BobbyM said...

Happy Birthday you little bloggy -boo.... goochy, goochy goo!