Thursday, April 12, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Despite the Whole Kernel Corn, World's Best Cat Litter Turned Out To Be Defective!

Yesterday I wrote about how one of the most charming songs in the history of American musical theater is now being used to help sell kitty litter.

I have an update to this post, and the news is not good.

I wound up having to return the World's Best Cat Litter to Target before my Little Princess could poop over it and, in the process, be made to feel pretty, oh so pretty.

When I opened the box, it was one, big, giant, rectangular and unseparable CLUMP, like a giant Rice Krispy Treat. Well, they did boast on the box about how well it clumps, but I wasn't expecting a marshmallow-like binding agent.

Or maybe it was the corn? I understand the secret to this product is CORN, don't you know.

One more thing: I'm not sure "corn" is the best thing to bring up when talking about pets and poo.

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