Monday, April 09, 2007

Is This The Worst Show in TV History?

Small Wonder, featuring V.I.C.I. (Vicki) the Robot, an emotionless child robot with superhuman strength.

V.I.C.I., by the way, stood for "Voice Input Child Identicant."

I dare anybody to name a show that can eclipse Small Wonder as being an absolute masterpiece and exemplar of truly God-awful television.

The floor is open for nominations, but watch this first:


jercwe said...

Wrong again! I loved this stupid show! "It's a Living"--perhaps that was worse.

Joey P. said...

jer, please tell me you are kidding, right?


jercwe said...

Nope. Watched every episode.

Bobby M. said...

Joey P. Sorry to say you are outvoted on your very own blog...I'm with jercwe on this one. I loved the show. I can sing the theme and probably have watched every episode.

My votes are with The Facts of Life, Arsenio Hall, or that Chevy Chase Talk Show as being one of the worst shows. I can't decide.

Probably the three saddest are the ill concieved spin offs, After MASH, Archie's Place and Joni loves Chaci. All terrible, but all based on reasonably sound "starter shows." The later Lucy shows with Mr. Mooney also rank in my mind as rank.

Joey P. said...

Jer and Bob: you had to have been "enjoying" it on an ironic, "they can't be serious" level, a reaction that had to have been completely unintentional on the part of the writers.

Bobby, don't you be talkin' hate about The Facts of Life, OK?