Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Cup of Joe: March in Review

* I'm delighted to report that as of early March the war is over! On March 4 The Cup of Joe Coffee Wars ended with a peace treaty. I just pray that this is the coffee war to end all coffee wars. LINK.

* The mantra I was using at my yoga studio early in the month was, "I wish my yoga studio didn't smell like poo." Fortunately, somebody lit a vanilla candle, which has made me one happy baby. LINK.

* Alan Alda (and John Kerry) inspired a new regular archeology feature unveiled late in the month. What will be dug up in April? LINK.

* Is the character of Boone on ABC's Lost gay? Andy from Towleroad and Greg from Out in Hollywood say YES, but Joe says not so fast. LINK.

* April 14 should be a national day honoring Ellen Degeneres, according to a declaration by the website The Cup of Joe first made public earlier in this sentence. Why? It's the 10-year anniversary of something very special. LINK.

* American Idol. Sigh. LINK.

* What do Velma from Scooby Doo, Alberto Gonzalez and La Cage aux falles all have in common? These are a few of my favorite (or not so favorite) things. LINK.

* The Bionic Woman is coming back as a TV series. But will she like boys, girls or both? LINK.

* March was the month that Ann Coulter and Anna Nicole Smith were laid to rest. (Memo to self: Verify that Ann Coulter is a technically a member of the Walking Dead.) LINK and LINK.

* When it comes to St. Patrick's Day, green beer and pink beer are birds of a feather, because Mexicans Are the New Irish just as Gays Are The New Irish, as explained in two very special holiday posts dedicated to Mr. Lou Dobbs.

* A TCOJ redesign featured a very special animated message from Joe. LINK.

* Read it and weep: If you read only one post this month, I hope it was the one from March 20 written by ... George Bush's speechwriters. Years from now, when the history of this country is written, it will be documents like this -- available right on the White House website, that will give historians all the evidence they need when they write that George Bush is one of the biggest disasters in American history. LINK.

END OF MONTH TRIVIA: What got more press this month: Sanjaya's hair or the newly dead in Iraq? Answer: Sanjaya's hair, which was the winner by far more than just a hair.


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