Thursday, March 29, 2007

Does 'Lost' Now Have Two Gay Characters?

During a throw-away line snuck in as part of a flashback scene in last night's episode of Lost, the character of Boone is told by his sister to stop flirting with guys.

Does this make the character of Boone Lost's first gay character? (Make that second gay character: One of The Others, pictured below, already has made clear to Kate that she is "not his type.")

We also know that Boone, who died during season one, also had sex with (and a thing for) his step-sister, Shannon.

So does this make him bi?

Or was Shannon just joking or being bitchy?

Or maybe Boone is just confused and questioning, like many viewers are about where the show is going?

Before the plane crash, Boone was the chief operating officer for his mother's .... wedding business.


The exact quote from Shannon: "If you quit flirting with random guys maybe we could actually get on the plane."

Yes, she is talking about the plane that would crash.


Asher said...

There's nothing solid about his sexuality. They can still explore his character, and reveal that he was sleeping with a guy on the island. It would make for some exciting scenes.

Anonymous said...

Ratings gold!

Joey P. said...

Yesterday, I heard a guy (Guy No. 1) greet his male friend (both were maybe 18 or 19) as FAGGOT. Although I don't find it hilarious, as Guy No. 1 did, the guy was joking ... he was teasing his friend.

Shannon could have very well been making a gay "joke" as well, or just being a ... hag. and I'm not talking fag-hag either.