Friday, March 23, 2007

Stephen Colbert Interviews Katie Couric

Colbert: Given the range of things that you have to deal with, what do you think prepared you most for the anchor's chair: Was it being a cheerleader or a sorority sister?

Couric: Ouch.

Colbert: When you left The Today Show, you broke a lot of hearts. ... But when you left, you said, and I like this: "After listening to my heart and my gut, two things that have served me pretty well in the past, I will be leaving today." I want to thank you for not using your brain when you made that decision, just going with your heart and your gut.

Couric: I decided to follow your lead.



Michael said...

While I liked Katie on the Today Show and really hoped she'd do well on the CBS Evening News, when I tune in to watch all I can think about is her terrible eye-job! Bad plastic surgery is not good for one's credibility.

Joey P. said...

for me, the "eyes don't have it" when it comes to katie's eye.

I'm not sure that Couric got done what she needed to get done on this appearance. Did she want to become viewed more like a serious news person? Was she hoping this would make it more likely for someone to turn to the CBS Evening News?

Although I probably watch the CBS Evening News more than any other network nightly news broadcast, her appearance kind of makes me want to flip the channel, especially in the event of a serious national tragedy or major news story.

That said, I like the CBS correspondents -- like the beautiful and tough and smart Lara Logan, who was just on The Late Show this week.

Couric went on the Colbert Report seeking higher ratings. I'm not sure she'll get it.