Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Coffee War Week on TCOJ

Results coming later this week.


Bobby M. said...

This is a place you might not ever try...but White Castle has had and continues to have a consistenly good cup of joe.

Give it a try.

peebstuff said...

I'm as elitist as the next 'mo but through auspices of neices/nephews have sampled Burger King's BKJoe and have surely not found it wanting. It's nicely satisfying and it even comes in Turbo, Regular and Decaf. Dunkin' Donuts coffee has its merits also. Maybe we're finally cottoning to the fact it's not all that hard to find (or make) a good cuppa joe.

... Joey P. said...

I've tried the BK Joe at the Burger King before. I love its name! And it's really not bad.

I've only sampled the Turbo blend though.