Thursday, March 22, 2007

What We Really Learned On 'Lost' Last Night

Glass windows in luxury high-rise apartment buildings break as easily as egg shells.

Now, I expect glass to break this easily if we're talking about the front windshield of Johnboy's truck on The Waltons, but not so much for anything else.

Speaking of Lost, have you noticed a remarkable character trait of John Locke, the guy who is falling in the above photos?

He's a liar. He does it often, and easily.

In the last two episodes he has lied, point blank, to several people on the island; to two police detectives in a flashback scene; and to the rich kid who came knocking at his door (also during a flashback scene).

This liar has been shattering the truth almost every time he opens his mouth, which is interesting since he also appears to be the character who has found a sort of spiritual peace since the crash. Regular viewers equate John Locke with being a good man, a very good man, but he sure does like to tell lies.

He's just like ... The Others?


Check out this clip from Season 1 of Lost, in which you see (in the background) a man falling from a building.

Is that John Locke falling?


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jercwe said...

Just what they needed--another character on that island--Locke's father. They can't keep up with the characters they have.