Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Love Song From Oliver! About A Murderer

Melinda Doolittle just finished singing "As Long As He Needs Me" on American Idol. It's a song from the musical Oliver!

A little background about the song: Within the context of Oliver! it's sung by the character of Nancy, and she's singing about her boyfriend ... a violent criminal named Bill Sykes who physically abuses Nancy and, by the end of show, clubs her to death.

That said, it's a beautiful song about a very ugly relationship based on undeserved female loyalty and co-dependence. (Read the song lyrics here.) I've heard it sung many times before, by various actresses, and I really LOVED what Doolittle did with it.

She's in a totally different class than most of the other remaining 10 contestants, don't you think?


Michael said...

LOL, Yes, I've always thought of "As Long as He Needs Me" as the battered wives' anthem. Melinda did a killer rendition of it (no pun intended). She has to start choosing more youthful songs tho. She sounds great on everything, but it's important to remember the viewing demographic.

Anonymous said...

Jordin is hotter