Sunday, March 04, 2007

HELP! My Yoga Studio Smells Like Poo

Lately, the mantra I've been using at my yoga studio is: "I wish my yoga studio didn't smell like poo."

The problem is that a toilet on the main floor of the studio, and sometimes one on a second level, seems to be chronically out of order. And even when the bathroom is "in order," I've noted that these bathrooms always smell like poo.

Now, don't get me wrong: I take absolutely no issue with a bathroom smelling like poo, since this is what bathrooms are used for: to poo.

But because yoga is an ancient art of meditation that fundamentally involves the act of breathing, I have to publicly call out my yoga studio when the scent of poo is so strong that it lingers like that One Guy who wasn't invited to and won't leave your Christmas party.

Could somebody light a vanilla candle, please?

Things I've learned about doing yoga in a studio that smells like poo:

* I'd rather do yoga in a studio that didn't smell like poo.

* You can't hold your nose in a yoga class when the instructor is constantly telling you to breathe in and out, especially during "Lion's Breath."

* "Downward Facing Dog" would be more relaxing if I wasn't smelling poo while doing it.

* "Happy Baby" pose takes on new meaning when the yoga studio smells like a diaper.


YogaDawg said...

Guess I need to add the Poo Yoga Studio to the list of Yoga Studios types on my site.

Anonymous said...

you silly goose i think your studio smells of poo because you smell your breath