Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Rosebud Is the Sled,' Silly

Last night's episode of Lost on ABC mixed in several parts The Twilight Zone with a nice sprinkling of Edgar Allan Poe.

I loved the episode -- the best one in more than a month, since the "You're gonna die, Charlie" episode, another Twilight Zone-esque episode with an ironic twist at the end.

My enjoyment wasn't even spoiled by Wally who, about 35 minutes into the show, and with two "dead" bodies stretched out lifeless on the beach, turned to me and said: They're not dead.

Wally, like my friend Bobby M., has a mind that can completely figure out or deduce mysteries, and both love to spoil the surprises for people less swift than they, like me.

Both Bobby and Wally read a lot as children, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I guess this is why Wally found the twist on last night's episode of Lost so ... elementery.

Me? I read Encyclopedia Brown, and I was always surprised at the endings, especially the shocking end to Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Silk Panties.
You don't need to be a detective to figure out that 1) I made up the name of that Encyclopedia Brown missing silk panties book and 2) If that book were written, I have a beat on just who the guilty party is, and it sure isn't Bugs Meany. In this caper, a certain Boy Detective who likes mysteries better than girls sure would have some serious splainin' to do to gal-pal/victim Sally Kimball.


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