Friday, March 23, 2007

To My Readers: You Complete Me


Bobby M. said...

If there is any way to permanently "stick" this to the top of the should do it.

It is wonderful and creepy, as well as a very warm welcome to the blog.

I love the way that "Joe" keeps looking at the play button to get you to notice it. Nice job!


bobby M.

Joey P. said...

Bobby, you aint seen NUT'N yet. This will be permanently on the right hand side at some point.

Asher said...

I'm not gonna kinda creeps me out...but it did make me laugh

Joey P. said...

If you think the cartoon Joey is creepy ... you should meet the real one!

Elgie said...

Please make him to say, "Oh, mummy, I love it here ever so much."